The living wage for the Cowichan Valley has been calculated.
According to Social Planning Cowichan, in a family of four, each parent needs to make 19 dollars and 5 cents per hour at a full time job to ensure their core needs are met.
Summer Goulden says the wage required to pay for food, clothing, utilities, rental housing, cell phone and internet use, transportation, childcare, healthcare, and a small amount of savings for illness or emergencies has gone up more than 2 dollars over the last 4 years….
Goulden admits the number is surprising to many…..
Summer Goulden says the number means many families are having to make some hard choices…..
For the first time some other types of families units were considered in the living wage calculation.
A single parent with a child under 5 would need to earn just over 24 dollars an hour, a single parent with a child 5 and older would need 22 dollars per hour and a person who is living on their own who is 50 and over needs to make just over 20 dollars an hour.