The Sierra Club and the Wilderness Committee are looking to learn more about how to find a balance between forestry and environmental issues.
The organizations have been travelling the length of Vancouver Island to hear what people and industry have to say on the status of old-growth rainforests.
Torrence Coste of the Wilderness Committee says they want to hear from all sides of the debate….
Coste says the vast majority of original rainforest on Vancouver Island has been logged, and the industry continues to log the equivalent of about twenty-five rugby fields of old-growth per day.
And, just announced today, the province is looking for public comments on a proposal to increase the amount of the Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem that is protected.
The proposed new areas for protection are located along the southeast coast of Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands.

A copy of the proposed land use order and maps are available online:

Written comments may be sent on or before Jan. 15, 2018, to: