We are now seeing some of the effects of the wildfires.
The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in collaboration with Island Health, has issued a Smoky Skies Bulletin for communities on the East Vancouver Island, the Southern Gulf Islands, and Greater Victoria due to wildfire smoke in the area.
Paula MacKay with the Coastal Fire Centre says the prevailing winds, which normally travel from the coast to the Interior are shifting in the opposite direction and that’s bringing smoke to the Island…..
Exposure to increased smoke concentrations is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have underlying medical conditions such as heart or lung disease.
Those at risk should avoid strenuous activities and prolonged exposure to smoke.
Island Health says wearing a mask is not the best way to protect your health during a smoke event.
Masks may lead to a false sense of security, which may encourage increased physical activity and time spent outdoors, meaning increased exposure to smoke.
They can also make breathing more difficult.