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No. Cowichan staff to look at firearms use in forest near Mt. Tzouhalem

The Municipality of North Cowichan staff will be looking at options when it comes to hunting, specifically in the Mount Tzouhalem area.

The Mount Tzouhalem area will have had an estimated 80,000 visitors in 2017 and the new CVRD Stoney Hill Park head count for the past year is expected to hit 35,000 visitors.

At the same time there is some hunting allowed on part of Mount Tzouhalem that’s created some conflict with other trail users.

Some hikers have complained it’s unnerving to come face to face with hunters sporting face-paint and camouflage, carrying rifles and a knives.

As North Cowichan continues to enhance its Forest Reserve lands with new signage, expanded parking, and additional amenities, the number of users is expected to continue to increase, creating potential conflict between
hunters and other recreation users.