You have just 15 days to get your Electoral Reform referendum ballot back to Elections BC.

Your ballot has to be received by 4:30 on November 30th, which means it needs to be mailed several days earlier.

Anouk Borris, with the students union at Vancouver Island University, says students appear to be actively involved in the process.

“Lots of people that we talked to have already mailed in their ballots. Unfortunately, the transient nature of students makes it a bit difficult. Some of them are not on the voters’ list. I think the most logical choice for them is to go the Service B.C. office get a ballot and then hand it back right there. Then you don’t have to worry about getting it elsewhere and you can hand it back there which is really nice.”

Borris says it’s been interesting to hear from the international students on campus because many of them have a version of pro-rep in their country and they are advocates for that system.

So far, from nearly 3 point 3 million eligible voters, only 244,000 ballots have been returned, that’s about 7 point 4 per cent.

In the Cowichan Valley, 11 point 5 per cent of the 46,480 eligible voters have returned their ballot. In Nanaimo-North Cowichan that number is just over 12 per cent. The areas with the highest return rates in the province have been on the Island, with Courtenay-Comox at better than 16 per cent and Parksville-Qualicum at just over 15 per cent.