Nanaimo RCMP say their drug unit has disrupted the flow of illegal drugs into the community following a ten month long investigation.

Mounties say the investigation led to the search of numerous homes, including some in Nanaimo, arrests and the seizure of a large quantity of illegal drugs, weapons and cash.

The investigation began last spring when Nanaimo RCMP exercised a search warrant at a home in Linyard Valley that resulted in the arrest of three men and the seizure of 10 ounces of suspected fentanyl, 35,000 dollars in Canadian currency and 4 firearms.

Then, last month police in Nanaimo, Vancouver and Richmond exercised a series of search warrants on half a dozen homes.

The searches lead to the seizure of over 30 pounds of dried cannabis, over 3 kilograms of controlled substances believed to be cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and fentanyl.

Also seized was a number of litres of cannabis oil, over 93,000 dollars in Canadian currency, passports, scales and various other drug paraphernalia.

Four men, between the ages of 20 and 45, were arrested during the Nanaimo searches however none have been charged to date.